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Author: Nicole Pierce

OxyContin and Oxycodone opioids

Are OxyContin and Oxycodone opioids?

OxyContin and Oxycodone are powerful opioid medicines used for relieving extreme pain. They react by working on your brain to change your body’s reaction to pain or inflammation. They change the way you feel pain. Before starting these medications, one must consult a doctor, have a detailed discussion to ensure that the patient needs OxyContin …

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What kind of pain does OxyContin help to treat

What kind of pain does OxyContin help to treat?

OxyContin is an opioid painkiller medication, and this article discusses all you need to know about Oxycontin. OxyContin is a potent medicine used to relieve extreme pain, and it reacts by working on the brain to change the body’s reaction to pain or inflammation. Oxycontin changes the way a person feels pain. Before starting this …

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Oxycodone for cancer pain

Oxycodone for cancer-related pain in adults

What is Oxycodone, and how does it help in treating cancer-related pain? Oxycodone is a short-acting opioid. Oxycodone relieves pain due to cancer for about four to six hours, so it needs to be given 4 to 6 times a day to provide pain relief for the whole day. Oxycodone works by binding to specific …

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Mental Illness

What Causes Mental Illness?

Hi There! This blog will help you understand the primary causes of mental illness. But, before we get there, we need to know the meaning of mental illness. So, mental health disorder (or illness) refers to a wide range of issues that somehow affects your mood, thinking, and behavior. The most common mental illness include …

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How to identify and manage being overtired?

Do you often think about why you feel overtired at most times? The state of being overtired may mean many things. It might mean that you have not had enough sleep in 24 hours, or you could not get enough sleep over consecutive days for a length of time. For toddlers, infants, and children, overtiredness …

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Love With Depression

What to Do When You Love Someone suffering from depression?

Depression comes under the broad category of mood disorders described as a feeling of loss, sadness, or anger. It is one of the known and most common mental health conditions worldwide; approximately 19.4 million people experience at least one depressive episode every year. Depression and grief have some standard features, but depression is different from …

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Omicron Variant

Omicron Variant: Is New York ready for this new virus?

“When the world was taking relief from the first wave of the COVID pandemic, the new variant Omicron has left everyone concerned about another outbreak. Some research tells that the current vaccination may not affect this new variant.” What is the Omicron variant? The First case of the omicron variant was identified in South Africa …

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Buy Xanax Online

How long does it take for Xanax to kick in?

Xanax is a short-acting tranquilizer of benzodiazepine medication class that starts works working within one hour after taking it, and its working and effectiveness depend upon your metabolic rate. Once Xanax starts working, you will feel: Relief from anxiety Ease in muscular tension Relief in insomnia It is also necessary to observe your health while …

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Adderall Addiction

Adderall Addiction, Abuse and Side Effects

What is Adderall? Adderall is a prescription stimulant drug in the news because of its rapidly growing misuse when it came on the market in 1996. Suppose you take this drug properly according to the doctor’s prescription. In that case, it will surely help treat narcolepsy (daytime sleepiness) symptoms and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) …

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