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Omicron Variant: Is New York ready for this new virus?

Omicron Variant

When the world was taking relief from the first wave of the COVID pandemic, the new variant Omicron has left everyone concerned about another outbreak. Some research tells that the current vaccination may not affect this new variant.”

What is the Omicron variant?

The First case of the omicron variant was identified in South Africa and Botswana. WHO has designated this variant as a ‘variant of concern‘ and named it Omicron. It has not been too long since our lives were affected by the earlier variants of COVID. Till now, many new variants continue to emerge as SARS-CoV-2 is spreading more and more across the globe. Every new variant develops with a new transmission and mutation power. Each one has its danger and strength.

The word ‘OMICRON‘ is derived from the Greek language. The 13th variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus received the Greek designation wonder WHO as with other variants, WHO in virus evolution said that this variant rose the level of concern. Countries worldwide are shutting their international transportation to safeguard them from the new viruses.

How many cases of Omicron reported so far?

As per the latest information across the globe, many countries detected this new Omicron variant.

  • South Africa– 2 cases
  • United Kingdom- 32 cases
  • India- 2 cases
  • Botswana- 19 cases
  • The Netherlands- 16 cases
  • Belgium- 2 cases
  • Australia- 8 cases
  • Israel- 2 cases
  • Japan- 2 cases
  • USA- 1 case
  • United Arab Emirates- 1 case
  • Italy- 4 cases
  • Spain- 2 cases

Is the Omicron variant is dangerous than other strains?

Scientists are going with regular research to get confirmed results about the infection. The transmission power of this strain is still not sure. However, the African government has not reported any mortality and severe cases. But there is the possibility of causing the power of infection.

Omicron revived the fear of another outbreak. People are worried about if the new variant can trigger a similar or more intense infection. Some research says that this variant may not be as fatal as the delta variant as the symptoms are mild.

What are the possible symptoms of the Omicron variant?

Researches say the symptoms of Omicron are much similar to the other strains. But it this variant may not affect the smell or taste of people as in the previous strains.

Some common symptoms may include:

  • headache
  • Fever
  • scratchy throat
  • congestion or runny nose
  • Body pain

Although some studies are going on for every mutation of the omicron strain found in South Africa.

Omicron variant in The New York City

As per the new research reports, Omicron began to circulate in the world in the last week of November. But even if this new variant was detected in California, it has not reached the city yet. Omicron is the fourth variant to hit NY city.

New York has already witnessed rising cases from three covid variants this year. First was a homegrown variant called lota or B.1.526 that spread rapidly from January to march. That was followed by the highly transmissible Alpha variant first identified in Britain. Then by summer came the more transmissible delta variant.

Each new variant increased the concern of worry. But now, the coronavirus has been diminishing its threat after Devastating the first wave in the year 2020. This year saw fewer deaths and infections than the first wave, even after the several covid strains.

The diminishing Waves pattern in New York is much different than in any other country. NY City owes a relatively high rate of vaccination. About 77% of residents of all ages have received at least one vaccination slot.

Other factors like increasing immunity, wearing masks, and other significant precautions helped the NY city protect itself from the deadly virus strains.

Strong surveillance and testing system

As a new variant of the delay virus began to emerge across the globe in 2021, New York City began to improvise its surveillance system. The pandemic response lab that opened last year became a big player in this effort. In early 2021, they examined hundreds of coronavirus cases each week,

While it is expected that more facts and information will emerge soon and the solution will be discovered soon until then, follow all the precautionary measures to protect yourself. Wear a mask, use sanitizers, and follow other precautions to protect yourself from this new strain. You can take medicines and other drugs to maintain your immunity.

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